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Sports Figure Casting Sculptures

Ken Norton heavyweight boxing champion won the title in 1971. I flew to San Diago California to work with him and his manager to create a series of fists that knocked out many including Mohamed Ali. A bubbly personality and a giant of a man.  

Ken passed away in 2013. 

Limited additions of his fist are available for sale and for fundraisers.  

Jake LaMotta middleweight boxing champion who inspired Martin Scorsese’s film Raging Bull and fought Sugar Ray Robinson six times.

He was my model for a "bust" created for his 70th birthday. 

An incredibly interesting man with many stories of his career and always a joke to tell. The bust is not a cast, but one of my sculptures that he kept. Jake passed away in 2017.  

One of the first boxers I worked with. I proceeded to cast his fists for postarity. Limited editions are available for sale and for fundraisers. 

Sculpting Jake LaMotta in NY for 70th Birthday

Don King and I in Canastota for 

Boxing Induction Ceremony. 

Archie Moore world light heavyweight champion in 1952 to 1962.

Moore is the only man to have fought both Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali.

I cast his fists in San Diego at the same time as Ken Norton. A gentleman, soft-spoken and a caring champion of children's causes. Passed away in 1998.

Numbered additions of his fist are available for sale and charitable fundraisers. 

Sugar Ray in Canastota N.Y. International Boxing Hall of Fame.

George Chuvalo heavyweight boxing champion from 1956 to 1973. His biggest fight was Muhammad Ali in 1966. 

I met George in Toronto on the recommendation of Jake LaMotta to cast his face and fists. The bronze bust was cast in my method of free-form bronze and the original sold.

Additions for the bronze bust are available, as are his fists for sale and for fundraisers. 

Walter Ostanek musician, known as "Canada's Polka King". Three-time Grammy Award winner who continues to play with his band throughout North America. 

I had the honor of creating a bust of him in

St. Catharines Ontario, and completed the piece as I would any sculpture. Hair and clothes were added and the sculpture placed on a granite base. A bronze patina was applied. The St. Catharine Standard covered the application of my method as well as the presentation at an awards night. 

Live interview with Dan McLean CH Niagara Express showcasing my bronze work including the bust of George Chuvalo in 2007. 

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